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EIPBN, the “3-Beams”, Conference, is the premier conference on the science and technology of nanopatterning. Elionix will be exihibiting and celebrating their 40th year manufacturing Electron Beam Lithography systems at this event.


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EIPBN, the “3-Beams”, Conference, is the premier conference on the science and technology of nanopatterning. The Commercial Session will be at the Omni Shoreham Hotel in Washington, DC. This conference is the place to hear the newest techniques and the latest advances in patterning and device fabrication technology.


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10 Angstroms will be exhibiting in Booth #605 at this year's MRS Fall Meeting. We will showcase Elionix EBL systems, Hysitron Nanoindenters, Mantis Deposition UHV systems, Attolight Cathodoluminscence tools, and SEM products & accessories.

10 Angstroms, in cooperation with Hysitron and Harvard's Center for Nanoscale Systems (CNS), will be conducting an overview and live demonstration of Hysitron's Picoindenter instrumentation on Harvard's electron microscopes. Pairing the high sensitivity of nanomechanical testing with the high spatial resolution of electron microscopy creates a powerful tool for direct observation of nanoscale structures as they are being mechanically characterized.


See us at Booth 26. EIPBN, "The 3 Beams Conference" is the premier conference on the science and technology of nanopatterning. 10 Angstroms will be co-exhibiting with Elionix. Representatives from Elionix in Japan will be available to discuss detailed questions on the latest Electron Beam Lithography systems.

The American Physical Society will hold its 2013 March Meeting, March 18–22 in Baltimore, Maryland. An attendance of more than 7,500 of the top scientists involved in physics research and applied physics throughout the world are expected. The APS March Meeting is the largest physics meeting in the world, focusing on physics research from industry, universities, and major labs.

See us at booth # 323 where we will be discussing products from our partners Elionix, Hysitron, Mantis Deposition, Attolight, SEMTech Solutions, and NanoMaker. The MRS Fall Meeting is the preeminent annual event for those in the field of materials research. More information can be found on the MRS Website.


Visit our table at the 42nd Annual Symposium - Burlington Marriot Hotel, Burlington, MA


Science and Technology of Materials, Interfaces, and Processing


Visit our table at PA Nanotechnology 2012. For more information, visit PA Nanotechnology.

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The World's Leading Symposium on Lithography and Nanofabrication:

See us at EIPBN, Booth 212. Elionix representatives will be on hand to discuss their award winning 125 kV EBL system.

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